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Anna Wilson

Current University: Oregon Health & Science University
Location: US
Discipline: Psychology
Research Supervisor: Tonya Palermo
PICH Mentor: Ken Craig
Member since: July 2007

About me/my research:

My work has focused on physical function in adolescents with chronic pain, as well as on family history risk for chronic pain and parenting in the context of pain. Became a PICH graduate: July 1, 2009

Representative Publications: Wilson, A., Lewandowski, A., & Palermo, T. (2011). Fear-avoidance beliefs and parental responses to pain in adolescents with chronic pain. Pain Research & Management, 16, 178-182.

Wilson, A. & Palermo, T. (2012). Physical activity and function in adolescents with chronic pain: A controlled study using actigraphy. Journal of Pain, 13, 121-30. PMCID: 3539297

Wilson, A., Holley, A.L., & Palermo, T. (2013). Applications of laboratory pain methodologies in research with children and adolescents: Emerging research trends. Pain, 154, 1166-9.