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Catherine Ferland

Current University: McGill University
Location: Quebec
Discipline: Pediatric musculoskeletal pain
Research Supervisor: Jean Ouellet & Laura S. Stone
PICH Mentor: Celeste Johnson
Member since: March 2013

About me/my research:

My research interests focus on pain involving musculoskeletal impairment. I investigate the histopathology and biochemistry of pain related to osteoarthritis and spinal deformities in both preclinical and clinical research. Currently, I coordinate an on-going multi-site clinical project involving children to address the issue of post- operative pain management by quantifying pro-nociceptive and pro-inflammatory biomarkers in children undergoing surgery and correlate their levels with validated self-reported pain perception pre- and post-surgery. In parallel, I also investigate the fundamental aspect of musculoskeletal pain by studying the relationship between chronic low back pain and the pathophysiology of degenerated intervertebral discs.

Representative Publications:
Ferland, C., Beaudry, F., & Vachon, P. (2012). Antinociceptive effects of eugenol evaluated in a monoiodoacetateÔÇÉinduced osteoarthritis rat model. Phytotherapy Research, 26(9), 1278-1285.

Ferland, C., Pailleux, F., Vachon, P., & Beaudry, F. (2011). Determination of specific neuropeptides modulation time course in a rat model of osteoarthritis pain by liquid chromatography ion trap mass spectrometry. Neuropeptides, 45(6), 423-429

Ferland, C., Laverty, S., Beaudry, F., & Vachon, P. (2011). Gait analysis and pain response of two rodent models of osteoarthritis. Pharmacology Biochemistry and Behavior, 97(3), 603-610.

Beaudry, F., Ferland, C., & Vachon, P. (2009). Identification, characterization and quantification of specific neuropeptides in rat spinal cord by liquid chromatography electrospray quadrupole ion trap mass spectrometry. Biomedical Chromatography, 23(9), 940-950.