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Chantel Barney

Current University: University of Minnesota
Location: US
Discipline: Educational Psychology
Research Supervisor: Frank Symons
PICH Mentor: Allen Finley
Member since: May 2008

About me/my research:

Graduated from PICH April 2014 I am committed to research that explores and improves outcomes for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities who experience chronic pain. I currently work with children with cerebral palsy, rett syndrome, other MECP2 related syndromes, and children with global developmental delay. I explore pain in these populations by using parent proxy report, observational pain scales and physical examination procedures, and by conducting brief sensory testing.

Representative Publications:
Barney, C., Krach, L., Rivard, P., Belew, J., & Symons, F. (in press) Motor function predicts parent-reported spasticity pain in children with cerebral palsy. Pain Research & Management.

Burkitt, C., Breau, L., & Zabalia, M. (2011). Parental assessment of pain coping in individuals with Intellectual and developmental disabilities. Research in Developmental Disabilities, 32, 1564-1571.

Zabalia, M., Breau, L., Burkitt, C., Boinet, E., & Gauché, C. (2010). Stratégies de faire face à la douleur chez des adolescens attaints de déficience intellectuelle. Douleurs, 11(4), 165-170.

Burkitt, C., Breau, L., Salsman, S., Sarsfield-Turner, T., & Mullan, R. (2009). Pilot study of the feasibility of the non-communicating children’s pain checklist - revised for pain assessment for adults with intellectual disabilities. Journal of Pain Management, 2(1), 37-49.

Breau, L., & Burkitt, C. (2009). Pain assessment in children with cognitive impairment. Pain Research and Management, 14(2), 116-120.