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Chitra Lalloo

Current University: McMaster
Location: Ontario
Discipline: Pain assessment
Research Supervisor: James L. Henry
PICH Mentor: Bonnie Stevens
Member since: October 2012

About me/my research:

My research is focused on the development and evaluation of a web-based instrument for the visual self-report of sensory pain.

Representative Publications:
Lalloo, C., & Henry, J. (2011). Evaluation of the iconic pain assessment tool by a heterogeneous group of people in pain. Pain Research & Management, 16(1), 13.

Lalloo, C., Stinson, J., Hochman, J., Adachi, J., & Henry, J. (2013). Adapting the iconic pain assessment tool version 2 (IPAT2) for adults and adolescents with arthritis pain through usability testing and refinement of pain quality icons. The Clinical Journal of Pain, 29(3), 253-264.