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Emma Olsson

Current University: Örebro University
Location: SE
Discipline: Medicine
Research Supervisor: Mats Eriksson
PICH Mentor: Celeste Johnson
Member since: August 2013

About me/my research:

My research focus is different aspects of skin-to-skin care between the premature infant and the parents. It has been proven beneficial for both the infant and the parents regarding for example physiological stability and bonding between the infant and the parents. I have examined the utilization of the method in the Scandinavian countries and now may main focus is to see if the method can have a pain relieving effect

Representative Publications: Olsson, E. & Eriksson, M. (2001). Oral glucose for pain relief during eye examinations for retinopathy of prematurity. Journal of Clinical Nursing, 20(7-8), 1054-59. Olsson, E., Dovland, A., Axelin, A., Jonsdottir, R., Maastrup, R., & Eriksson, M. (2012). Skin-to-skin care in the Nordic countries – A survey of attitudes and practises among NICU-staff. Acta Peadiatr, 101(11), 1140-1146.