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Jacinthe Lachance Fiola

Current University: University of Montreal
Location: Quebec
Discipline: Psychology/Nursing
Research Supervisor: Sylvie Le May
PICH Mentor: Celeste Johnson
Member since: May 2011

About me/my research:

Pain management of adolescents who underwent a spinal fusion is complex. There is very few studies related to the strategies used by teenagers to cope with pain in the rehabilitation phase. The Pain Coping Questionnaire (PCQ) can evaluate these strategies but there is no questionnaire in French for measuring pain coping. Translation and adaptation to French-Canadian of the PCQ may lead adolescents to use more effective and personalize coping strategies, which could enable them to better manage their pain and resume their normal activities more rapidly. We believe that multimodal pain management strategies will help reduce medication for the pain. Became a PICH graduate: August 30, 2013

Representative Publications:
Lachance Fiola, J., Dupuis, G., D'Antono, B, & White, M. (In Press). Post-traumatic stress disorder and myocardial infarction: Impact on cardiovascular complications. International Journal of Victimology.

Paquette, J., Le May, S., Lachance, J., Villeneuve, E., Lapointe, A., & Bourgault, P. (2013). A randomized clinical trial of a nurse telephone follow‐up on paediatric tonsillectomy pain management and complications. Journal of advanced nursing.