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Jacob Vigil

Current University: University of New Mexico
Location: US
Discipline: Psychology
PICH Mentor: Ken Craig
Member since: October 2010

About me/my research:

I focus on social contextual and social experiential factors that influence momentary and chronic pain experiences.

Representative Publications:
Vigil, J. & Coulombe, P. (2011). Biological sex and audience affects pain intensity and observational coding of other people's pain behaviors. Pain, 152, 2125-2130.

Vigil, J. (2011). Current states of opinion and future directions on the epidemiology of sex differences in human pain. Pain Research and Management, 16, 317-319.

Vigil, J., Geary, D., Granger, D., & Flinn, M. (2010). Sex differences in salivary cortisol, alpha-amylase, and psychological functioning following Hurricane Katrina. Child Development, 81, 1228-1240.

Vigil, J. (2009). A socio-relational framework of sex differences in the expression of emotion. Behavioral and Brain Sciences, 32, 375-428.

Geary, D., Byrd-Craven, J., Hoard, M., Vigil, J., & Numtee, C. (2003). The evolution and development of boys social behavior. Developmental Review, 23, 444-470.