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Jessica Boutilier

Current University: Mount Saint Vincent University
Location: Nova Scotia
Discipline: Psychology
Research Supervisor: Sara King & Jill Chorney
PICH Mentor: Christine Chambers
Member since: November 2011

About me/my research:

My research focus is on pediatric chronic pain, school functioning, and technological tools to help facilitate better school functioning for students with chronic pain. Became a PICH graduate: October 9, 2013

Representative Publications:
Boutilier, J., & King S. (2013). Missed opportunities: School as an undervalued site for effective pain management. Pediatric Pain Letter, 15(1), 9-15.

Boutilier, J. (2012). The Importance of Contingency in the Detection of Childhood Autism Spectrum Disorders. Poster presented at the Canadian Psychological Association, Halifax, NS.