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Jessica Fales

Current University: Washington State University Vancouver
Location: US
Discipline: Psychology
Research Supervisor: Tonya Palermo
PICH Mentor: Carl von Baeyer
Member since: September 2012

About me/my research:

My research interests include psychosocial risk and protective factors for adolescents with chronic pain, individual and family-based cognitive-behavioral interventions for pain and the impact of persistent pain on social development and functioning in adolescence.

Representative Publications: Graduated PICH: July 17, 2014

Fales, J., Essner, B. S., Palermo, T. M., & Harris, M. A. (2014). When helping hurts: Miscarried helping in families of youth with chronic pain. Journal of Pediatric Psychology.

Law, E. F., Fisher, E., Fales, J., Noel, M., & Eccleston, C. (2014). Parent and family-based interventions for children and adolescents with chronic medical conditions: A meta-analysis. Journal of Pediatric Psychology.

Wilson, A. C., Moss, A., Palermo, T. M., & Fales, J. (2014). Parent pain history and catastrophizing are associated with pain, somatic symptoms, and pain-related disability among early adolescents. Journal of Pediatric Psychology.

Fales, J., Palermo, T. M., Law, E. F., & Wilson, A. C. (2014). Sleep outcomes in youth with chronic pain participating in a randomized controlled trial of online cognitive-behavioral therapy for pain management. Behavioral Sleep Medicine.