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Jillian Vinall

Current University: University of Calgary
Location: Alberta
Discipline: Neuroscience
Research Supervisor: Dr. Melanie Noel and Dr. Nivez Rasic
PICH Mentor: Dr. Ruth Grunau
Member since: March 2009

About me/my research:

At the University of Calgary, I am using state-of-the-art neuroimaging methods to assess how the brain processes information in youth with chronic pain with varying levels of PTSD symptoms to those without chronic pain. This research will generate new knowledge about pediatric chronic pain and mental health comorbidities, which will help to inform the development of interventions to treat this vulnerable group and improve health outcomes.

Representative Publications:
Noel M, Pavlova M, McCallum L, Vinall J (accepted). Remembering the hurt of childhood: A psychological review and call for future research. Canadian Psychology.

Vinall J, Pavlova M, Asmundson G, Noel M (2016). Mental health comorbidities in pediatric chronic pain: a narrative review of epidemiology, models, neurobiological mechanisms and treatment. Children, 3(4):40, doi:10.3390/children3040040.