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Joana Goncalves

Current University: University of Lisbon
Location: PT
Discipline: Health Psychology
Research Supervisor: Luisa Barros
PICH Mentor: Ken Craig
Member since: May 2013

About me/my research:

Youngsters with JIA experience persistent pain and physical limitations with social and psychological consequences. CBT is the best validated non-pharmacological treatment for pediatric chronic pain but has been little studied with this population, showing some adherence and methodological limitations with adolescents. This research, using a randomized allocation format, aims to study the efficacy of a CBT internet-delivered family program with JIA adolescents and their parents, modified to integrate a social support component and study its effects in pain, functionality, emotional disturbance, and sleep quality and to identify moderators and mediators of change (catastrophizing, pain beliefs, coping, demographic and disease variables).

Representative Publications: Gonçalves, J., Oliveira, A. Viegas, R., Oliveira, M. Batalha, L. & Fernandes, A. (2011). A Functional Analysis of the Wong-Baker and Fps-R Faces Pain Scales: Making Ground for Developmentally-Based Metric". Work presented in Fechner Day 2011 - 27th Annual Meeting of the International Society for Psychophysics, In Proceedings of the 27th Annual Meeting of the International Society for Psychophysics , Herzlíya, Israel.

Gonçalves, J., Oliveira, A., Batalha, L., Fernandes, A., & Viegas, R. (2013). A Functional Measurement approach to the Child Anxiety and Pain Face Scale: Contributions to its construct validity. Psicológica. International Journal of Methodology and Experimental Psychology. In press