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Karin Plummer

Current University: University of Melbourne
Location: AU
Discipline: Nursing
Research Supervisor: Elizabeth Manias
PICH Mentor: Celeste Johnston
Member since: September 2012

About me/my research:

To explore the experiences of pain in children with cancer receiving allogeneic Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation (HSCT) therapy from the perspective of the child, their families and health professionals involved in their care at a tertiary level transplant centre. A descriptive exploratory design utilising a mixed methods approach with data collection occurring sequentially in three phases. It is expected that the results of this research project will reveal the challenges of managing pain in children undergoing HSCT therapy from the perspectives of the child with cancer, their families and health professionals involved in their care.

Representative Publications: McCarthy, M., Glick, R., Green, J., Plummer, K., Peters, K., Johnsey, L., & DeLuca, C. (2012). Comfort First: An evaluation of a procedural pain management programme for children with cancer. Psycho‐Oncology.