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Kristen Bailey

Current University: Dalhousie University
Location: Nova Scotia
Discipline: Psychology
Research Supervisor: Jill Chorney & Patrick McGrath
PICH Mentor: Christine Chambers
Member since: September 2012

About me/my research:

Broadly, my research interests are in the area of health psychology but I have particular interests in perioperative care and in the transition from acute to chronic pain. For my doctoral research, I am using modeling statistics to examine the postoperative pain trajectories for adolescents who have undergone a major surgery as well as looking at predictors and functional outcomes associated with the identified trajectories. During my time in Dr. Jill Chorney’s PRePP Lab at the IWK Health Centre, I have been involved in several other studies related to perioperative care including an RCT that investigated the effectiveness of a brief family-centred decision making and preparation tool to help prepare parents to be present for their child’s anesthesia induction. I am also interested in social support processes among families as well as between romantic couples when the child or a member of the couple is experiencing pain. I hope to begin my pre-doctoarl internship and complete my dissertation in the fall of 2018. Throughout my graduate school journey I have been lovingly supported by my husband, Jon, and my daughter Eden. We all look forward to welcoming the newest member of our family during the fall of 2017.

Representative Publications: Bailey, K., Bird, S., McGrath, P. & Chorney, J. (2015). Preparing parents to be present for their child’s anesthesia induction: A randomized controlled trial. Anesthesia & Analgesia. 121(4), 1001-1010. Bailey, K., Holmberg, D. & McWilliams, L. A. & Hobson, K. (2015). Wanting and Providing Solicitous Pain-related Support: The Roles of Both Relationship Partners' Attachment Styles. Canadian Journal of Behavioural Science. 47(4), 272. Bailey, K. M., Carleton, R. N., Vlaeyen, J. W. S., & Asmundson, G. J. G. (2010). Treatments Addressing Pain-Related Fear and Anxiety in Patients with Chronic Musculoskeletal Pain: A Preliminary Review. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, 39, 46-63. McWilliams, L. A., Dick, B. D., Bailey, K., Verrier, M. J., Kowal, J. (2012). A Psychometric Evaluation of the Pain Response Preference Questionnaire in a Chronic Pain Patient Sample. Health Psychology, 31, 343-351. Rosen, N., Bailey, K. & Muise, A. (2017). Degree and direction of sexual desire discrepancy are linked to sexual and relationship satisfaction in couples transitioning to parenthood. The Journal of Sex Research, 1-12. Bailey, K., & Chorney, J. (2015). Predictors of Children’s Preoperative Anxiety. Paper presented as part of a symposium titled: “Worry, Fear and Phobia: A Cross-Contextual Approach to Child Fear and Anticipatory Distress to Painful Medical Procedures”, presented at the annual meeting of the Canadian Pain Society, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, May 20-23, 2015. Bailey, K. M., Rancourt, K. M., Allen, S. A., Lamontagne, C. & Chorney, J. E. (2014). Services for pediatric chronic pain in Canada: Results of a national survey. Poster presented at the 15th World Congress on Pain (International Association for the Study of Pain), Buenos Aires, Argentina, Oct. 6-11, 2014.