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Kristen Higgins

Current University: Dalhousie University
Location: Nova Scotia
Discipline: Clinical Psychology
Research Supervisor: Christine Chambers
PICH Mentor: Christine Chambers
Member since: September 2013

About me/my research:

My research interests are in the areas of parental and family factors related to children's pain. I am currently examining pain in children of parents with chronic pain conditions.

Representative Publications: McWilliams LA, Higgins KS, Dick BD, Verrier MJ. (Accepted). A longitudinal investigation of pain-related social support preferences in a chronic pain treatment sample. The Clinical Journal of Pain.

McWilliams LA, Higgins KH. Associations between pain conditions and borderline personality disorder symptoms: Findings from the National Comorbidity Survey Replication. The Clinical Journal of Pain, 2013; 29: 527–532.