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Maria Dulce Damas Cruz

Current University: University of Coimbra
Location: PT
Discipline: Health Sciences (Nursing)
Research Supervisor: Ananda Fernandes
PICH Mentor: Celeste Johnson
Member since: July 2011

About me/my research:

Identify the epidemiology of neonatal procedural pain and pain management in Portugal and understand organizational factors that contribute to pain assessment, prevention, and treatment in neonatal intensive care units.

Representative Publications:
Cruz, M., Fernandes, A., & Oliveira C. (2012). Pain management in neonatal intensive care unit: Translating research and evidence into practice. Programme & Abstract Book, 3rd International Congress of Union of European Neonatal and Perinatal Societies, Porto.

Cruz, M. & Fernandes A. (2012). Preterm birth versus neonatal pain challenges for organizations and health teams. Abstract Book, International Conference of Social Representations, University of Évora, Portugal.

Rodrigues, M. & Cruz M. (2012). Children’s health perception through creative drawing language. Investigación y Educación en Enfermería, 30(3).