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Mary-Ellen Hogan

Current University: University of Toronto
Location: Ontario
Discipline: Pharmacy
Research Supervisor: Anna Taddio
PICH Mentor: Bonnie Stevens
Member since: February 2009

About me/my research:

I am interested in cost issues in chronic pain. I am currently studying direct medical costs to manage chronic pain in children using administrative data from the Ontario Ministry of Health.

Representative Publications:
Taddio, A., Hogan, M., Gerges, S., Girgis, A., Moyer, P., Wang, L., . . . Ipp, M. (2012). Addressing parental concerns about pain during childhood vaccination: Is there enough time to include pain management in the ambulatory setting? The Clinical Journal of Pain, 28(3), 238-242.

Hogan, M., vanderVaart, S., Perampaladas, K., Machado, M., Einarson, T., & Taddio, A. (2011). Systematic review and meta-analysis of the effect of warming local anesthetics on injection pain. Annals of Emergency Medicine, 58(1), 86-98.

Taddio, A., Hogan, M., Moyer, P., Girgis, A., Gerges, S., Wang, L., & Ipp, M. (2010). Evaluation of the reliability, validity and practicality of 3 measures of acute pain in infants undergoing immunization injections. Vaccine, 29(7), 1390-1394.

Hogan, M., Kikuta, A., & Taddio, A. (2010). A systematic review of measures for reducing injection pain during adult immunization. Vaccine, 28(6), 1514-1521.

Taddio, A., Crosdale, B., Hogan, M., El Sayed, M., Lee, K., Moore, A., & Shah, V. (2009). Safety of morphine in nonintubated infants in the neonatal intensive care unit. Clinical Journal of Pain, 25(5), 418–422.