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Melanie Noel

Current University: Seattle Children's Research Institute
Location: US
Discipline: Clinical Psychology
Research Supervisor: Tonya M. Palermo, PhD
PICH Mentor: Christine T. Chambers, PhD
Member since: June 2007

About me/my research:

My research focus has been to understand cognitive-affective factors underlying the development of children's memories for pain and the influence of pain memories on subsequent pain experiences. My previous lab-based research demonstrated the powerful role of children's anxiety, fear, expectancies and memories in acute pain experiences over time. This provided the impetus to examine memories and other mechanisms underlying pain trajectories among children undergoing clinical pain. It also inspired the development of models of acute pain memory development and pediatric fear-avoidance to explain why some children experience a resolution of pain whereas others experience an exacerbation of pain, fear and avoidance.

Representative Publications:
Noel, M., Chambers, C., Petter, M., McGrath, P., Klein, R., & Stewart, S. (2012). Pain is not over when the needle ends: A review and preliminary model of acute pain memory development in childhood. Pain Management, 2(5), 487-497.

Noel, M., Chambers, C., McGrath, P., Klein, R., & Stewart, S. (2012). The influence of children's pain memories on subsequent pain experience. Pain, 153(8), 1563-1572.

Noel, M., Chambers, C., McGrath, P., Klein, R., & Stewart, S. (2012). The role of state anxiety in children's memories for pain. Journal of Pediatric Psychology, 37(5), 567-579.

Noel, M., Petter, M., Parker, J., & Chambers, C. (2012). Cognitive behavioral therapy for pediatric chronic pain: The problem, research, and practice. Journal of Cognitive Psychotherapy, 26(2), 143-156.

Asmundson, G. J. G., Noel, M., Petter, M., & Parkerson, H. (2012). Pediatric fear-avoidance model of chronic pain: Foundation, application, and future directions. Pain Research and Management, 17, 397-405.