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Monica O'Neill

Current University: York University
Location: Ontario
Discipline: Clinical Developmental Psychology
Research Supervisor: Rebecca Pillai Riddell
PICH Mentor: Rebecca Pillai Riddell
Member since: July 2012

About me/my research:

My research is focused on examining factors related to infant pain and pain-related distress through data obtained from a longitudinal cohort (OUCH Cohort) following caregiver-infant dyads during routine immunizations over the first year of life. Specifically, I am interested in how caregiver culture predicts caregiver behaviours and infant pain behaviours during infants' routine immunizations at 12 months of age. Additionally, I am interested in the relationship between infant and preschool pain regulation, measured during routine immunization procedures, and preschool attachment at 4 to 5 years of age.

Representative Publications: