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Nicole Racine

Current University: York University
Location: Ontario
Discipline: Clinical Developmental Psychology
Research Supervisor: Rebecca Pillai-Riddell
PICH Mentor: Rebecca Pillai-Riddell
Member since: September 2009

About me/my research:

I am interested in the relationships between parental soothing behaviours and infant pain-related distress. My doctoral work is focusing on the child, parent, and contextual factors related to preschool anticipatory distress to immunization pain. I am also interested in non-pharmacological interventions to relieve pain-related distress in infancy and childhood.

Representative Publications:
Stevens, S., Racine, N., Pillai Riddell, R., Horton, R., Garfield, H. & Greenberg, S. (In press). Infant pain-regulation as an early predictor of childhood temperament. Pain Research and Management.

Racine, N., Pillai Riddell, R., Flora, D., Garfield, H., & Greenberg, S. (2012). A longitudinal examination of verbal reassurance during infant immunization: Occurrence and examination of emotional availability as a potential moderator. Journal of Pediatric Psychology, 37(8), 935-944.

Pillai Riddell, R., Campbell, L., Flora, D., Racine, N., Din Osmun, L., Garfield, H., & Greenberg, S. (2011). The relationship between caregiver sensitivity and infant pain behaviors across the first year of life. Pain, 152(12), 2819-2826.

Pillai Riddell, R., Racine, N., Turcotte, K., Uman, L., Horton, R., Din Osmun, L.,. . . Gerwitz-Stern, A. (2011). Non-pharmacological management of infant and young child procedural pain. Cochrane Database Systematic Review, 5.

Pillai Riddell, R., & Racine, N. (2009). Assessing pain in infancy: The caregiver context. Pain Research & Management, 14(1), 27-32.