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Nikita Burke

Current University: University of Calgary
Location: Alberta
Discipline: Neuroscience
Research Supervisor: Tuan Trang
PICH Mentor: Tuan Trang
Member since: June 2017

About me/my research:

I completed my BSc and PhD in Neuroscience at the National University of Ireland, Galway, examining how neuroinflammation mediates the link between depression and pain. During my PhD, I was a visiting researcher at the Viveros lab at the Universidad Complutense Madrid, where I showed that early-life stress exacerbates neuropathic pain-related behaviour in a sex-dependent manner. My first postdoctoral fellowship, in collaboration with the biopharmaceutical company Alkermes, examined antidepressant action of opioids in preclinical models. My interests in pain and opioids led me to join Dr. Trang’s lab where I am researching the long-term consequences of neonatal pain and the mechanisms underlying postoperative pain, funded by an Eyes High Postdoctoral Scholarship and Alberta Innovates Postdoctoral Fellowship.

Representative Publications: Burke NN, Llorente R, Marco EM, Tong K, Finn DP, Viveros M-P, Roche M (2013). Maternal deprivation is associated with sex-dependent alterations in nociceptive behaviour and neuroinflammatory mediators in the rat following peripheral nerve injury. The Journal of Pain, Vol 14 (10) 1173-1184. Burke NN, Fan CY, Trang T (2016). Microglia in health and pain: impact of noxious early life events. Experimental Physiology, Vol 101, 8, 1003–1021. Burke NN, Finn DP, McGuire BE, Roche M (2016). Psychological stress in early-life as a predisposing factor for the development of chronic pain: clinical and preclinical evidence and neurobiological mechanisms. Journal of Neuroscience Research, Vol 95, 6, 1257-127.