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Paula R Mahon

Current University: University of British Columbia
Location: British Columbia
Discipline: Nursing
Research Supervisor: Dr. Liisa Holsti & Dr. Hal Siden
PICH Mentor: Carl von Baeyer
Member since: June 2013

About me/my research:

The first step in managing pain is the effective assessment of pain (Johnston et al., 2007). Self-report scales measuring children’s pain intensity are available, but few are used with confidence for children less than the age of 5 years. Scales suitable for older children, such as visual analogue scales and numerical rating scales, are cognitively too complex for young children (2-4 years) (von Baeyer et al., 2005; Chambers et al., 2002). This group is not well-studied or understood with respect to reporting pain. To address this gap in research and in clinical practice, this study will assess the initial psychometric properties of the “Rainbow Pain Scale” (RPS).

Representative Publications:
Mahon,P., Siden,H., von Baeyer,C., Giaschi,D., Strahlendorf,C., Rawson,C., Peddie,E., Turnham,L. & Holsti,L. "Using colours to assess pain in toddlers: Validation of ‘The Rainbow Pain Scale’, (poster presentation). Pediatric Research Day, UBC Dept of Pediatrics, Chan Centre for Family Health Education, Vancouver, BC, Canada, 2013.

Mahon, P. Global Nursing Leaders (oral presentation). Langara College, Vancouver, BC, Canada 2012.

Mahon, P. Options in higher education for nurses (oral presentation). Ethel John Nursing Research Forum, Vancouver, BC, Canada 2012.

Mahon, P. From The Inside Out (poster presentation), CIHR-Institute of Human Development, Child and Youth Health Scientific Forum on Global Health, BC, Canada 2010.

Mahon, P. A Critical Ethnographic View of Paediatric Critical Care Nurses (poster presentation), International Conference on Professional Doctorates, London, UK 2009.