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Ron Blount

Current University: University of Georgia
Location: US
Discipline: Psychology
Member since: March 2009

About me/my research:

Dr. Blount developed the Child-Adult Medical Procedure Interaction Scale (CAMPIS), the CAMPIS-R, and CAMPIS-SF to assess parent, staff, and child behaviors during medical procedures. Deleterious effects of adults’ reassurance, empathy, and apologies; beneficial effects of distracting interactions, and medical phase-specific variations in patterns of behavior were established in this early research. Developed empirically derived treatment programs using these findings. He is currently working with Zeev Kain with children’s surgery preparation and mask anesthesia induction using a variation of the Perioperative CAMPIS. His current Pediatric Psychology Research Lab focus is medication adherence, HRQOL, medical outcomes, healthcare utilization, healthcare transition, and pain. Populations include pediatric organ transplant recipients, IBD, and cardiac conditions.