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Samuel Stewart

Current University: Dalhousie University
Location: Nova Scotia
Discipline: Interdisciplinary Studies (Health Informatics)
Research Supervisor: Allen Finley
PICH Mentor: Allen Finley
Member since: December 2009

About me/my research:

My research has been into understanding and improving the online knowledge translation process. Using text mining and social network analysis techniques I hope to provide better insight into how knowledge is shared in online communities, and how this process may be improved.

Representative Publications:
Stewart, S., & Abidi, S. (2012). Applying social network analysis to understand the knowledge sharing behaviour of practitioners in a clinical online discussion forum. Journal of Medical Internet Research, 14(6).

Stewart, S., & Abidi, S. (2012). An infobutton for web 2.0 clinical discussions: The knowledge linkage framework. Information Technology in Biomedicine, 16(1), 129-135.

Stewart, S., & Abidi, S. (2013). Using social network analysis to study the knowledge sharing patterns of health professionals using web 2.0 tools. In Biomedical Engineering Systems and Technologies (pp. 335-352). Springer: Berlin.

Stewart, S., Abidi, S., & Finley, A. (2010). Pediatric pain management knowledge linkages: Mapping experiential knowledge to explicit knowledge. Studies in Health Technology & Informatics, 160, 1184-1188.

Stewart, S., Abidi, S., & Finley, A. (2010). Linking specialized online medical discussions to online medical literature. In Using Web Data in the Medical Do-main, Raleigh, NC.