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Sara Stevens

Current University: York University
Location: Ontario
Discipline: Psychology
Research Supervisor: Rebecca Pillai Riddell
PICH Mentor: Rebecca Pillai Riddell
Member since: March 2012

About me/my research:

My research examines the influence of early infant and childhood experience on later self-regulatory and social cognitive abilities within the context of childhood pain. This project allows bridges my background in self-regulation and neuropsychology research with pain regulation and the development of self-control and social cognition in school age children. // Became a PICH graduate: September 30, 2013

Representative Publications:
Stevens, S., Racine, N., Pillai Riddell, R., Horton, R., Garfield, H., & Greenberg, S. (In press). Infant pain-regulation as an early predictor of childhood temperament. Pain Research & Management.

Stevens, S., & Pillai Riddell, R. (2012). Early self-regulation: Development, social and neurobiological perspectives. Infant Mental Health Promotion Project, 59, 1-5.

Pialli Riddell, R. Flora, D., Stevens, S., Stevens, B., Cohen, L., Greenberg, S., & Garfield, H. (In press). Variability in infant acute pain responding meaningfully obscured by averaging pain responses. Pain.