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Sunny Anand

Current University: Le Bonheur Children's Hospital, University of Tennessee
Location: US
Discipline: Medicine
Member since: March 2009

About me/my research:

Dr. K.J.S. (“Sunny”) Anand graduated from M.G.M. Medical College, University of Indore (India). As a Rhodes Scholar at University of Oxford (UK), he received the D.Phil. degree, followed by post-doctoral fellowship at Harvard, pediatric residency training at Boston Children’s and CCM fellowship training at Massachusetts General Hospital. He received the Dr. Michael Blacow Award from British Paediatric Association (1986), Pediatric Resident Research Award from American Academy of Pediatrics (1992), the inaugural Young Investigator Award in Pediatric Pain from IASP (1994), Jeffrey Lawson Award from American Pain Society (2000), Windermere Honorary Lectureship from Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (2004), Joan M. Cranmer “Mentor of the Year” Award (2007) from UAMS, and the 2009 Nils Rosén von Rosenstein Award from Swedish Academy of Medicine. For community service, he received the Father Joseph Biltz Award (2007) from NCCJ and “Salute to Greatness” Award (2008) from Dr. Martin Luther King Commission. He currently holds the St. Jude Endowed Chair in Pediatric Critical Care and directs the Pain Neurobiology Lab at University of Tennessee. He has published 240 peer-reviewed articles, edited 6 books and journal issues, contributed 45 book chapters and numerous other publications