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Talia Orr

Current University: Dalhousie University
Location: Nova Scotia
Discipline: Nursing
Research Supervisor: Marsha Campbell-Yeo
PICH Mentor: Celeste Johnson
Member since: May 2013

About me/my research:

Became PICH alumni on May 26, 2014. With a general passion for pediatrics, I am particularly fascinated with investigating pain management for the preterm and medically fragile newborn infant population. I am currently working with Dr. Campbell-Yeo on her research projects that focus on the benefits of skin-to-skin care as a non-pharmacological intervention for pain in the neonate population. My research is focused on exploring the influence of skin-to-skin care on pain management and family centered care, as well as exploring the influence of e-health and technology on parent involvement in their child’s pain management.

Representative Publications: