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Tine Vervoort

Current University: Ghent University
Location: BE
Discipline: Psychology
Research Supervisor: Geert Crombez
PICH Mentor: Ken Craig
Member since: June 2005

About me/my research:

My current research focus pertains to a) the role of parental attention to child pain in understanding emotion regulation and associated behavioural responses, b) the moderating role of parental behaviours for the relationship between child pain catastrophizing and child pain outcomes, c)antecedents and consequences of parental distress in the context of child pain and d) child and parental factors influencing child pain expression.

Representative Publications:
Vervoort, T., Caes, L., Trost, Z., Notebaert, L., & Goubert, L. (2012). Parental attention to their child's pain is modulated by threat-value of pain. Health Psychology, 31(5), 623-631.

Eccleston, C., Fisher, E., Vervoort, T., & Crombez, G. (2012). Worry and catastrophizing about pain in youth: A re-appraisal. Pain, 153(8), 1560-1562.

Hadjistavropoulos, T., Craig, K., Duck, S., Cano, A., Goubert, L., Jackson, P., . . . Vervoot, T., & Fitzgerald, T. (2011). A biopsychosocial formulation of pain communication. Psychological Bulletin, 137(6), 910-939.

Caes, L., Vervoort, T., Eccleston, C., Vandenhende, M., & Goubert, L. (2011). Parental catastrophizing about child's pain and its relationship with activity restriction: The mediating role of parental distress. Pain, 152(1), 212-222.

Vervoort, T., Goubert, L., Eccleston, C., Verhoeven, K., De Clercq, A., Buysse, A., & Crombez, G. (2008). The effects of parental presence upon the facial expression of pain: The moderating role of child pain catastrophizing. Pain, 138(2), 277-285.