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Tracy Wilson-Gerwing

Current University: University of Saskatchewan
Location: Saskatchewan
Discipline: Neuroscience
Research Supervisor: Alan Rosenberg
PICH Mentor: Carl von Baeyer
Member since: April 2011

About me/my research:

My research focuses on the examination of inflammation and pain processing from a neuroscience perspective. Specifically, I am interested in the study of mechanisms and modulation of pediatric pain, how these mechanisms and modulation of pain change across the lifespan and the mechanisms involved in the transition from acute to chronic pain.

Representative Publications: Nadeau, J., Wilson-Gerwing, T.D., & Verge, V.M.K. (2014). Induction of a reactive state in perineuronal satellite glial cells akin to that produced by nerve injury is linked to the level of p75NTR expression in adult sensory neurons. Glia, Accepted.

Wilson-Gerwing, T.D., Pratt, I.V., Cooper, D.M.L., Silver, T.I., & Rosenberg, A. (2013). Age-related differences in collagen-induced arthritis: Clinical and Imaging Correlations. Comparative Medicine, 63(6), 498-502.

Wilson-Gerwing, T., & Rosenberg, A. (2012). Juvenile and adult rodents differ in inflammation-induced sensory neuron changes in a model of experimental arthritis. Pain Research and Management, 17(3), 229.